Healing Magic
with Baruch

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We are made for healing.
The gifts of giving and receiving are our birthrights.

Let's claim them!

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Healing Magic: discovering your healing path

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Magic is the spark of life. 
Healing is what happens when we pay attention to magic

Psalm 18

Love is my strength
It is the rock that is my anchor, my home, my shelter,
my steadfast friend, my respite.
I call to Love when in danger,
I rely on Love in the time of death;
In distress Love rises to my lips.
Hurricanes rage, tornadoes destroy,
The sea rises like a mountain
and the mountains shake and fall like waves;
The dark and the light dance and sparkle as
Stars leap across time to the rhythm of Love,
Lightening and river kiss in passion, tongues touching,
At the call of Love.
Love is my strength.
She has tucked me in the down of her wing,
Fed me a merciful harvest.

Earth Psalms is familiar words spoken in a new voice by Angela Magara. Based on the biblical Psalms, but with the heart of Earth-based spirituality, it invites our human spirit to face divinity and see the reflection in the glass. This book has a message of hope for all of us living in the face of over-whelming global violence and destruction. As a daily meditation, or sometimes inspiration, Earth Psalms calls us to continue to love and defend Life until defense is no longer needed.

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